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Farberware Parts


Farberware are one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances and cookware in the USA and across North America.

Farberware Spare Parts

One of the great things about Farberware products is that replacement parts are pretty easy to find if you know where to look. Some of the more popular parts available are:

  • Probe controllers – for electric cookware, fry pans and skillets.
  • Fry pan base assembly and ceramic discs – for electric skillets and buffet servers.
  • Handles, knobs and lids – for all cookware products such as saucepans.
  • Meat forks – for rotisseries and ovens.
  • Rotisserie motors – for all openhearth rotisserie units.
  • Grease filters – for turbo ovens.
  • Percolator cords – 2 and 3 pin for all Farberware products.
  • Baskets and pumps – for coffee makers.
  • Timers – for ovens, rotisseries and coffee makers.
  • Drip pans – for cookpots and ovens.

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